Online Resources by the British Council

    Discover an expansive series of educational films, podcasts, articles, creative activities and more to boost your knowledge and learn from the most innovative disabled artists working across dance, theatre and performance. You will find brand new information made specifically for this toolkit; you will find conversations and provocations generated during the course of the five-year Europe Beyond Access project; and they have provided links to other important and interesting content produced by other organisations.

    The Learning Journeys include captivating short films such as ‘How to be a better ally to disabled artists’ and ‘Tips for emerging Deaf and Disabled artists’, as well as more in-depth conversations about intersectionality from a disability perspective and the ongoing challenges that access to higher education creates for disabled professionals. The Learning Journeys also link to tools and texts published by a range of other organisations – resources the Europe Beyond Access partners have found useful whilst delivering their large-scale project over 5 years.

    The films are hosted on YouTube to allow you to benefit from captions and the YouTube auto-translation feature. They provide links to transcripts of the films and audio files to enable you to work with google translate and screen readers.

    There is also a series of podcasts, with topics including ‘Rebel Crips’, ‘Transformation and the Body’, and a set of short creative actions to stimulate your imagination. The Learning Journeys were created with the collaboration of 12 pioneering Deaf and disabled artists from across the world: Aristide Rontini, Chiara Bersani, Chisato Minamimura, Dalibor Šandor, Diana Niepce, Edo O. Katarzyna Żeglicka, Kate Marsh, Marc Brew, Maria Oshodi, Pelenakeke Brown, and Filip Pawlak.

    Link to the Website here